Top 6 Benefits of Taking up Yoga Teacher Training in India

yoga teaher training in india

This program brings students of all physical levels together to learn from each other’s different body types and strengths. Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practice. Yoga teacher training in India serves to help quiet the mind and attune to our true selves. As a teacher, you have the opportunity to give back to those who may not have access to yoga. Rishikesh is the best place for yoga teacher training in India. Here are some benefit of taking up yoga teacher training in India:

1. Physical practice – Yoga training programs bring all students together to learn from each other’s flexibility levels and strengths. You may find yourself learning to love them as you study and modifications and benefits of each pose in detail. you may find yourself learning to love them as you study and embody the correct alignment.

2. Learn some skills – Once you have completed your training you will officially be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher. Becoming a yoga teacher offers the freedom of self employment as well as the flexibility of teaching. Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is best for learning some skills. Becoming a yoga teacher offers the freedom of self employment. After this training you can access tips for starting your own studio and earning additional training hours.

3. Explore your spirituality – Many people who deepen their yoga practice through teacher training understand that, we as people are all very connected even if we share different beliefs. Yoga serves to help quiet the mind and attune to our true selves. One of the greatest benefits of the program is the self-discovery.

 4. Becomes a teacher – Once you have completed your yoga teacher training, you will become a yoga teacher.  Use this power to develop your own unique teaching style. After becoming a teacher, you have the opportunity to give back not only to your students but also to those who may not have access to yoga.

5. Challenge yourself mentally and physically – after this training, you will find yourself more flexible both physically and mentally. This began to explore all of the other practices to develop a more well-rounded and balanced lifestyle. You will learn that the asanas only comprise one of eight limbs of yoga.

6. Find your yoga family – The benefit of training program programs, it is the yoga family you will stay connected to years after your last Shavasana. During this training, you are also supporting the journey of those around you and creating a support network of warriors. Upon your completion of training, your yoga family will expand as you embrace your students, teachers.


6 reasons to join Yoga TTC in India

Do you know, what are basics of yoga and its courses? Why yoga is important in your life? Yoga is natural therapy to purify mind, body and emotions. As you Know, yoga and its courses has been gaining popularity these days. Some of you want to join yoga classes only for healthy lifestyle, while others want to make their career in this profession. Have you decided for yoga teacher training? India is best place for yoga teacher training; even India is birthplace of yoga. Searching for best yoga teacher training in India? There are lots of yoga training centres or academies. One of the best yoga teacher training academies located on holy place is Divine Yoga Academy at Rishikesh.

hari om yoga teacher training in rishikesh

1. Aim of Divine Yoga Academy:-

The aim of yoga teacher training is to boost up your confidence level so that you can explore yourself. The primary goal of YTT is to refine your knowledge about yoga and its exercises. There are lots of courses for your YTT session. After the completion of your course, you will get yoga certification by yoga alliance.

2. Yoga teacher training courses:-

Before entering into yoga teacher training in India, it is advisable to take a look about your courses. The best courses of YTT at divine academy are 200 hours, 300 hours and 500 hours yoga teacher training course. Even 10 days yoga retreat is also for tourists. There are lot of skills and exercises in each course. During training proper lecturers and assignments are delivered to YTT students. Divine Yoga Academy helps you to focus on learning adjustments.

3. Be a Yoga teacher trainer:-

Before starting yoga teacher training course you should ask yourself some questions as following.

  • Why do you want to become a yoga teacher?
  • What skills do want to train in?
  • Do you have short knowledge about yoga?
  • Are you open-minded?
  • What type of time is ideal for your YTT?
  • Last but not the least; Are you ready for this profession and what are your intensions about your course?

4. Extra Curriculum activities:-

At divine yoga academy you can also enjoy extra curriculum activities along your YTT course. Extra Curriculum activities are mountain climbing, bungee jumping, beach volleyball and river rafting.

5. Come to learn and go to serve:-

Come to learn as discipline and go to serve as guru at divine yoga academy. According to the students of Divine Yoga Academy, this is one only one and best yoga teacher training academy in India. Accommodation, food, nature of Rishikesh, environment of academy and other facilities will capture your soul.