Reasons Why You Should Join Yoga TTC

The 300-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is an intermediate level course offered by Divine Yoga Academy. The Students who have completed their 200-hour yoga teacher training course can join this high course. The 300 hour yoga teacher training is perfect training for advanced level yogics. This course is primarily designed for 200 holders to improve their skills and abilities. The individuals become able to join 500 hour training course after completing the 300 hour training course. In this course the Divine Yoga Academy offers educational classes and workshops to students along with acting as lead trainer. Divine Yoga Academy is one of the most approachable academies for the 300 hour yoga teacher training in India. Here, we have listed out 300 Hour yoga teacher training.

300 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh

1. 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program provides the opportunity for you to build upon your existing knowledge from a previously completed 200 hours course. The general topics in 300 hour yoga course are similar to those from your 200 hour course, however the discussions regarding each 300 hour course will encourage further exploration of yoga knowledge.

2. The 200 and 300 hours course will help you to better understand your students, providing them with more inspirational and spiritually deeper classes. The knowledge of yoga that people gain from this course will also help you to better understand your student’s bodies so that you can better assist them in asana class.

yoga asanas

3. Well, The 300 hour yoga teacher training provides a systematic understanding of Yoga practices and the method of yoga teaching. Yoga is not just postures it is beyond posture. This 500 hours TTC will open unique dimensions for learning techniques of teaching yoga.

4. Yoga will help to prepare and discover new realms of your practice and take your yoga teaching to the next level. With the considerable importance of the 300 hour Yoga teacher training TTC on Mantra Chanting and other traditional yoga techniques of Asana, Pranayamas, Kriyas start with a concise revision of the past learning.  Mostly Students will be able to practice through the depths of Yoga tradition and sharpen their skills as a yoga teacher. The curriculum includes in-depth understanding, union and in order to relate of Yoga Philosophy.

Yoga training rishikes

5. Yoga education will include an in depth study of ancient yogic philosophy. 300 hour Yoga Training are designed to built upon the current knowledge of yoga. During the course of yoga, you will practice and learn how to better teach asana and Kriyas and meditation. The course of yoga is designed for intermediate. It will help take you yoga teaching to a powerful and in depth level. Open greater opportunities for yoga teaching as well as deepen your understanding and own practice of Yoga as a way of life. Yoga training’s are considered by many as the most comprehensive yoga teacher training in the world.


Things You Need to Pack for a Yoga Teacher Training in India

Nowadays, yoga teacher training is one of most popular course in India. It is quite difficult to learn but it includes a lot of fun also. You can join this course to discover new things about yourself. Yoga teacher training courses are available all over the India like Rishikesh etc. Now, most of you have a question for what to pack for yoga teacher training. Obviously, beach packing is different from yoga training packing. No doubt, boys and girls have their own basic necessity. So, you need to pack your all necessity things. Fortunately, here we listed out a few things you can pack to make your journey more interesting.

yoga teacher training

1. More yoga clothes than you think you need-

Take more cloths than you think you need to carry. Always prefer to loose and lightweight cloths such as yoga shorts, short pants, loose tees for practicing yoga.

2. An open mind and open heart-

You need to prepare physically and mentally. Give yourself compassion and permission to feel how you feel. Before to judge anyone, approach it with an open mind.

3. What not to Pack:

  • Makeup: feel your natural beauty at YTT.
  • Heels: girls should avoid heels at YTT.
  • A need for luxury: you do not need any luxury item to carry with you.
  • An attitude/ an ego: not needed, leave it well behind.

4. Notebooks / Yoga Books

Participating in a yoga teacher training program is a life-changing experience. You should carry notes during classes and lectures. Many students expressed that they should have brought one notebook specifically for taking notes and one journal that served purely as a regular dairy. To explore yourself and become perfect in yoga follow some yoga books.

5. Healthy energy booster/ medicines-

If you are suffering from any injury, or regular problem like High Blood Pressure, breathing problem etc so, you should carry your pills/medicines with you. These problems can cure with yoga but for beginning you should keep it with you. Pack your other energy boosters such as mood boosting, body sprays and vitamin supplements.

6. Camera

To enjoy extra circular activities at Divine Yoga Academy such as rock climbing, white water rafting, beach volleyball, and bungee jumping bring your camera along you to snapping some photos during anatomy and adjustments classes too.

7. Cell phone/Ear-plugs/ I-pad

Only bring that you need. Divine Yoga Academy Rishikesh prefer to natural sound but they also provide you movies and videos related to yoga. So, if you think you need for I-pad/laptop, Ear-plugs, cell phone you carry.

Bring these seven things, and your experience will be that much better.


Yoga Teacher Training at Hari Om Yoga Rishikesh

Yoga is the perfect way for overall health or physical fitness. Through mediation, you can banish all stress or lead a healthy life. The intention of yoga training teacher training is defining your voice. Hari Om Yoga Rishikesh present content in a way that empowers and encourages participants to engage with their personal practices for guidance in living and teaching.  Yoga teacher training provide you with the tools and means to uncover your own life-sustaining wisdom through your practice with Yoga. The basis of which, or the point of reference, is always your own body, physical experience and spirit. Here we have listed out yoga teacher training at Hari Om Yoga in Rishikesh.

Hari Om Yoga Rishikesh

1. Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is the relaxation or meditation technique derived from ancient tantra, developed by Swami Satyananda of the Bihar School of Yoga. This technique induces body-mind relaxation with the ultimate goal of increasing self-awareness. The technique is practical or easily accessible, while creating deep relaxation for health, mental peace and higher awareness.

2. Yoga Anatomic:

Yoga Anatomic is the context of a yoga practice. yoga anatomy focuses on is anatomy that is useful in the context of a yoga practice. That means that it is something that you can feel and use to improve your yoga asana or help People work towards an asana. Therefore, all exercises in Yoga, including the breath exercises, should be practiced slowly without unnecessary tension   without   any ambition  or competition.

3. Yoga Breathing:

In order to live, keep the body healthy, we require not only food, but also air to breathe. The air we breathe is even more important than eating and drinking. Without food we can survive several weeks or months .Without water we can survive for a few days or few months. However, without breathing we can survive for just a few minutes. Yoga Breathing has many types like chest breathing, Abdominal Breathing etc.

4. Yoga Exercises:-

yoga training in rishikesh

Many types of the yoga exercises are helpful. Government also organize some camps for yoga exercise. People gain knowledge from the yoga. And then people reduce the weight in this camp. Government organize the yoga camp in different- different places. Many Business men, many engineers also attend the yoga camps. Government also organize the camp in the school and colleges. These camps are helpful for the people.

5. Yin Yoga:

Yin Yoga is based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang, opposite principles in nature. Yin is the stable, unmoving, hidden aspect of things; yang is the changing, moving, revealing aspect.  Yin-yang includes cold-hot, down-up, calm-excited. Yin Yoga works on the Yin tissues also known as the connective tissues. In yoga classes, Yin Yoga poses are held for around 5 minutes in a class.  Yin Yoga requires the relax around the connective tissue in order to get a stretch, so not all yoga poses can be done safely  when practicing Yin style. Thus Yin asana have different names when practiced in a Yin style.

Why You Need Yoga Training in Your Daily Life

In today’s busy world People have no time to spare for anything which is good for them when done regularly for small period of time. I am talking about yoga practices because i think every people on this people planet should always do yoga regularly for the sake of good health. Which everybody wants to achieve. Yoga can be done anywhere. Whenever you have some extra time at home or office then you should do it. Yoga does not require big heavy machines like in gym or fitness training institutes. It just only need time and place for proper yoga practices.

Yoga training

Everyone can do yoga no matter what’s your age is or weight. People of every age group can do yoga very easily without any help of others. Why you need yoga teacher training is because there is lot of stress and work load on every one of us in our daily life in order to avoid serious problems related to our health we must do yoga. It is the only natural way of maintaining our good health.

Just do two to three days in a week and you benefit from it. By doing it 30 min’s in a day we are free from any kind of stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Less Stress:

It is found that long-term yoga might help you recover from stress more quickly. Yoga also helps in improving the overall respiratory system.

  • Better body control:

yoga poses

Yoga plays an important role in building the neurological connections between our brains and muscles. So, we can get full control over body to achieve some impossible yoga positions.

  • Meditation:

By doing yoga regularly there is lot of improvement in meditation. Because during yoga we take more air into our lungs with each breath, we don’t have to breathe fast, with every breath our breathing gradually slows down. This relaxing breathing alters our consciousness and transforms stress into peace.

  • Increases concentration:

yoga asanas

Unification of body n Mind: Yoga training helps to give information of unification in our body by completely release all unnecessary stress and also by Calm and focus the mind.

  • Healthy immune system:

Yoga maintains our immune system by improving the circulation of blood cells, decreasing stress hormones and reducing Toxin’s levels in our body.