How Yoga is Better Than Strength Training

When we hear the sentence strength training, automatically one thing come in our mind is weight training. No, doubt gym helps you to gain strength and make your body. But the thing is, human body also need to be flexible. You can see some people who have body like beast but they can’t even fold their arm to eat something or can’t bend properly. So, for that you can do yoga teacher training in India to build strength as well as flexibility in the body.

yoga vs strength training

Many of people had this question that “Can Yoga help build muscle? If you are a gym lover who spends hours in workout in gyms then it might have a hard time believing that yoga does. Yes, Yoga can, but by owning your own body weight with different ways.

Let me tell you some reasons how yoga better than strength training.

It’s more efficient:

Peoples are working separately on each part of the body at the gym. When yoga can do all these work in once? No matter how much weight you lift in the gym to make your arms strong as holding your own weight in Yoga. Practically every pose you perform in yoga is engaging your core. Moving from one pose to second and core centric poses can help to stabilize your body. If we talk about different inversion and arm balances, Yoga can help you to raise your heartbeat, strengthen your muscles and make them big at once.

Yoga is not a competitive sport:

In gym you are trying to pick the weight equal to your mate, no matter you can easily pick that weight or not. This is harmful for your bones to b cracked. While some people trying to run longer than the woman on the treadmill next to them. But at the same time in yoga it doesn’t matter what the next person is doing or performing. There is no comparing or competing because there is only you.

Saves money:

You spent lots of money in the gym and not able to get proper result. Whereas performing yoga training doesn’t need any money. You just need to make some time and place without disturbance. You can wear any clothes in which you feel free to do poses. Yes, if you want some inspiration and want to learn more poses than you can buy yoga DVD’s from the market which cost very less or can see free online yoga videos on internet.

Yoga poses for strength:

Without any doubt, some yoga moves are far better for strength building than other mode of strength building exercises, so let’s give a looks for few specific poses that help and train your muscles in extra ordinary ways.

  • Chaturanga Pose – This is an outstanding substitute to push ups that strengthens your shoulders, biceps, and chest fast and with no risk.
  • Warrior Poses – A flow of Warriors 1, 2, and 3 will strengthen your upper and lower body while challenging your body balance.
  • Chair Pose – Give strength to your hips, hamstrings, and calves with this common yoga training pose that’s harder than it looks.
  • Crow Pose – This upper body and core strengthening pose can look tough to do at first, so please take a pillow under your head to protect yourself till you don’t gain proper confidence.
  • Boat Pose – Build up six pack abs by doing this pose that works your abs and also strengthens your back muscles.

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